Day: Free…yea right

Nothing is free. Even that buy one get one free, is not free. It’s all a load of bullshit. You know what is free…NOTHING. That’s right. Nothing in this freaking world is free. Your shit is not even free. You paid for the food your body is breaking down inside of you. You pay for the sewage you shit goes through after you flush that toilet.

So, tell me what is free? and if you are saying air, nope not free either. Don’t you pay to put air in your tires? don’t we charge for “wind” energy? aka fast air. I am really asking this, What is free?

Now I know making this statement with those “happy-go-lucky” people out there are going to say some kind of bullshit like, “Happiness is free” let me just point out something right there. Happiness is not free, not anymore. The way society is right now, what makes you happy is not free. Let’s say painting make you happy, well HGLP (happy-go-lucky people)  don’t you have to pay for paint? don’t you have to pay for brushes and canvases? Hmmmmm…So no, we as humans made everything in one way or another costs us each something.

Now let us look at this not from a financial point of view. Let us say we fall in love (Aww…) and then we spend all these years with this one person to come to find out they were cheating on you for the last 2 years of your relationship WITH you best friend. Now all those years spent you are never getting back AND you lose 2 people.

So there you have it, nothing is free, everything costs us something wither in currency or our very selves. We always have to give up something.



Day: Saturday Morning…Drugs

Good Morning…yea right! It is freakin’ Saturday morning and I am at work trying to make extra money. Why is money so freaking important? Why are we always worried about  money? I hate money. I HATE YOU MONEY! but…yet…I need you. Ugh! FML.

This is my true and only “Love/Hate” relationship and it’s with money. You would think that as Humans and the history we created we could of found a better way of living as a community and just give to make sure everyone has everything they need. But no. You get people saying things like “If you are good at it, get paid for it, don’t o it for free” Almost everyone in this world is so worried about money and how they are going to make things meet or there are people out there who practically have all the money in the world and couldn’t care less.

Hi, I am someone and I struggle with my love/hate relationship with money. I have good months with money and there are months when I contemplate selling drugs. There is no between.  You might be laughing or even heard this phrase but I wonder how many people actually go through that thought of selling drugs and just say F&*k it and do it.

Also, many of you don’t think about the other path you can take, if you do not want to deal with money. Drop off the radar, go to some forest or woods build you house and live off the land. Learn how to hunt and all that good stuff but alas, we are weaklings and to accustom to our modern world.

I wonder sometimes how many of you, who do read this (4ppl) , do follow my train of thought as I am writing my blog? Do you understand me or am I alone in the way I feel? I am just human after all. I am curious in seeing if there is anyone out there who “understands” me. I guess I will find out sooner or later. Well take care (I know I am being nice) and wish me luck with money,



Day: To Believe or Not to Believe

Well here we are…getting to the nitty gritty of things. A major topic that no matter who you are and what you doing or what status you have…RELIGION!!!! Is always such a touchy topic. Heck! people in the same religion seem to have a freaking problem with each other. How? I don’t know. People are just…so…stupid. No matter what religion you are in they ALWAYS talk about peace with one another. To not judge because that is not what are “allowed” to do and yet there have been wars in the name of religion. WTF?!

Also, those MFs are in denial of their hypocrisy! Can’t call them out on their BS. So, considering the title of this little post, why do they get so upset that there are people who simply do not believe in a higher power? Uh…don’t you fools realize that you give religion a freakin bad name.

Now a little info of myself, I was raised catholic and was practicing until 18/19 and began, not really question God, but questioning the establishment. With the pervy priest or the people who go just to show face and not really there to learn “the word” of God. I also have a bit of an issue with the Bible as well, people put sooooooooooooo much emphasises  on this Bible that they seem to forget the history of the Bible and how it came about.

Look it up at PBS. I believer what matters most is your relationship with God. Because from the beginning and to the end, it’s just you and him. Nobody else. I won’t answer for your MF ass and you won’t for me. So how about we ALL mind our own business and just effin respect each other as people and from the actions we make. BAM! problem solved….not. You know nobody will listen to me, so why would they start now.





Day: Movies are my Happy Place

So I thought I would write something to lighten up the mood. What better topic than MOVIES! and you know I will give you my honest opinion in how I feel about movies. I truly love movies, all kinds of movies. They help you escape for a moment in your crappy life. Now don’t get me wrong there have been really bad movies made throughout the years, but for reason or another I rarely stop watching the bad movie. I have to finish it to the end. I guess that is just the OCD in me.

Movies can be amazing stories coming to life before our eyes. They shock us, make us laugh, and make us fall in love. This is one thing I can say that humans do that impress me and there are not too many things that humans do that impress me. I enjoy all kinds of movies, however if there is a genre of movies that I actually do not make an effort to watch and that is romance.

I do not like romance movies because they are stupid and influence people to think that-that is how love lives go about. That people “forgive and forget” and that they don’t bring up shit from the past. UGH! those movies are simply dumb.

Now, some people will say “Uh so what about sci-fi or action or even scary movies, are those like real life?” First of all, you go in knowing that half that shit is made up and for the most part we just like it for the story, however some men and women seem to take what happen in romance movies and incorporate it in their lives. They have these unbelievable standards that they “think” they should have and become upset, lonely, and depressed and wonder why their love life is failing. People don’t understand love is custom. It is something that is truly unique to each couple and the second you let people influence your relationship…well, you done f#$ked up and it will be downhill from there if you don’t stop it.

So movies are the best. Except romance, they are a load of Bull.



Day: I am tired…like for real. 

Midnight rant I guess.

Why is the world all in a mess, well people, we let it. Right now with what’s going on, I would say it’s our fault. We could stop doing what’s easy and do the right thing. But let’s be honest, you won’t. You didn’t before so why now? 

So cry all you want, but I’m tried of people who took no action, made no effort and are complain now with what is going on. Denie all you want but because you have done nothing, evil prevailed. Make excuses, justify it, I don’t care. It won’t change the fact that this mess is our fault. 

Now for you optimist out there, do we have a chance to fix it? Maybe…will change happen? I say “eh” I don’t know people are stupid…some more then others, but who knows. I could be wrong, God knows I am wrong often. Like me and many others, I just want peace. Why can’t we all just get along? 

Shit, I’m not asking you to hold hands and sing. But just to freakin respect each other and, you know, be nice. Oh well…

Day: Life is Funny…NOT

Good Day good people, so here we are again going through life the best we can, right? So, why is it that some days our best is not good enough or that not matter what we do, we are F%$ked? And when things finally worked themselves out, people would say “Life is Funny like that.”uh….NO! Life is a b$%th and it worked out cause we made it work out for us.

Life is not funny at all. Life is mean, cruel, and vindictive. You know what life is…a crazy EX who is still “IN LOVE” with you. Who won’t let you move on and ruin whatever chances you got for a future relationship. Now, there is a silver lining to this mess we call life and that is our friends. The people we get to pick to be in our life. People who may have similar views or hobbies as you do. Then we have our Best Friend who we trust with our lives. Who know us-know us and every secret we may have, they know.

Now, some of you may say “Wait! we have family to help us. To be there for us.” Let me ask you this, would they be there for us, for you, if they weren’t family? Be honest now, would they really? Maybe one or two who may feel more like a friend than a relative, but there you go again using the word “friend”. You see, friends have no obligation to you, not like family, so when they are there to help you, to guide you,  to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. They are the best. So, maybe life is funny like that, funny in a sense that the people who are obligated by blood are crap and yet people who have no connection to us are what make life, livable.



Day: To Hate or Love?

​Anyone here? No….so what going to post again…SOOOOO, to talk about Trump or not….okay lets!…there seems to be a lot of shenanigans going on with him….there people for him and then the REST of America against him….but lets talk about the 1% of people who simply don’t care.
Why don’t you care? Is there anything he can do that would make you care? Or does he free range to do whatever and you truly don’t care how it may affect you directly? Very curios about these rare people who say they don’t care….very curious. 


Day: Up late thinking of Fantasies

   So it is super late and all I can think of is alternate universes. I wonder how my other lives can be. Am I French? Am I a molecular scientist? One if my best thoughts are of being immortal. I don’t know what it is about living forever but I would like to see our world two or three hundred years from now.

Is the movie Idiocracy becoming a prediction for human kind? Or do we finally snuff out ignorance, racism, and hatred?

Eh…who knows about what the hell is going on. Some days it seems like the world is getting their shit together and then the very next freakin moment Armageddon. It also seems like everyone has their own opinion in just about everything, it doesn’t matter how informed you are just because people in general are follwers and don’t bother to really get the facts before forming an opinion. They blab on without a thought in their minds or blab without thinking about the consequences of words.

Anyway, it may seems preachy but hey I don’t care because this is my blog and like an entitled American I will speak my mind and be a hypocrite.

So, how do I go from parallel universe to preaching about ignorant people? Who knows, shit happens. But I bet that no matter what universe we are in people suck and are stupid.


Day: Random Ass Mammals

I swear the people I deal with on a day to day basis are EFFIN stupid. First of all acting rude won’t make me help you better or efficiently, so pump the flippin breaks and calm you ass down. Second, it is not my responsibility for personal issues keep them to yourself.


Now, something about parents and their kids  who are in school. DUMB AS PIG POO! they don’t listen and hold teachers and staff members responsible for the their kids behavior and if the staff were to truly tell them, “Hey, why don’t you do something with your kids who is failing and skipping and cursing at everyone” then it’s “Oh no you can’t talk to me like that!” from the parents, BUT the parents expect the staff and teachers to move heaven and earth to help these punk ass kids. Uh!


One day and it might be soon these teachers who dedicated their life to teach are gonna boycott…and not because they don’t get paid enough  (which they don’t) but because they would have had it with these lame ass parents. They would boycott because of the ignorant parents who think their kid does no wrong and doesn’t teach them accountability.


Parents, get your shit together and teach you kids to get their shit together.


Man! You guys bother my life.