Day: Free…yea right

Nothing is free. Even that buy one get one free, is not free. It’s all a load of bullshit. You know what is free…NOTHING. That’s right. Nothing in this freaking world is free. Your shit is not even free. You paid for the food your body is breaking down inside of you. You pay for the sewage you shit goes through after you flush that toilet.

So, tell me what is free? and if you are saying air, nope not free either. Don’t you pay to put air in your tires? don’t we charge for “wind” energy? aka fast air. I am really asking this, What is free?

Now I know making this statement with those “happy-go-lucky” people out there are going to say some kind of bullshit like, “Happiness is free” let me just point out something right there. Happiness is not free, not anymore. The way society is right now, what makes you happy is not free. Let’s say painting make you happy, well HGLP (happy-go-lucky people)  don’t you have to pay for paint? don’t you have to pay for brushes and canvases? Hmmmmm…So no, we as humans made everything in one way or another costs us each something.

Now let us look at this not from a financial point of view. Let us say we fall in love (Aww…) and then we spend all these years with this one person to come to find out they were cheating on you for the last 2 years of your relationship WITH you best friend. Now all those years spent you are never getting back AND you lose 2 people.

So there you have it, nothing is free, everything costs us something wither in currency or our very selves. We always have to give up something.



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