Day: Saturday Morning…Drugs

Good Morning…yea right! It is freakin’ Saturday morning and I am at work trying to make extra money. Why is money so freaking important? Why are we always worried about  money? I hate money. I HATE YOU MONEY! but…yet…I need you. Ugh! FML.

This is my true and only “Love/Hate” relationship and it’s with money. You would think that as Humans and the history we created we could of found a better way of living as a community and just give to make sure everyone has everything they need. But no. You get people saying things like “If you are good at it, get paid for it, don’t o it for free” Almost everyone in this world is so worried about money and how they are going to make things meet or there are people out there who practically have all the money in the world and couldn’t care less.

Hi, I am someone and I struggle with my love/hate relationship with money. I have good months with money and there are months when I contemplate selling drugs. There is no between.  You might be laughing or even heard this phrase but I wonder how many people actually go through that thought of selling drugs and just say F&*k it and do it.

Also, many of you don’t think about the other path you can take, if you do not want to deal with money. Drop off the radar, go to some forest or woods build you house and live off the land. Learn how to hunt and all that good stuff but alas, we are weaklings and to accustom to our modern world.

I wonder sometimes how many of you, who do read this (4ppl) , do follow my train of thought as I am writing my blog? Do you understand me or am I alone in the way I feel? I am just human after all. I am curious in seeing if there is anyone out there who “understands” me. I guess I will find out sooner or later. Well take care (I know I am being nice) and wish me luck with money,




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