Day: To Believe or Not to Believe

Well here we are…getting to the nitty gritty of things. A major topic that no matter who you are and what you doing or what status you have…RELIGION!!!! Is always such a touchy topic. Heck! people in the same religion seem to have a freaking problem with each other. How? I don’t know. People are just…so…stupid. No matter what religion you are in they ALWAYS talk about peace with one another. To not judge because that is not what are “allowed” to do and yet there have been wars in the name of religion. WTF?!

Also, those MFs are in denial of their hypocrisy! Can’t call them out on their BS. So, considering the title of this little post, why do they get so upset that there are people who simply do not believe in a higher power? Uh…don’t you fools realize that you give religion a freakin bad name.

Now a little info of myself, I was raised catholic and was practicing until 18/19 and began, not really question God, but questioning the establishment. With the pervy priest or the people who go just to show face and not really there to learn “the word” of God. I also have a bit of an issue with the Bible as well, people put sooooooooooooo much emphasises  on this Bible that they seem to forget the history of the Bible and how it came about.

Look it up at PBS. I believer what matters most is your relationship with God. Because from the beginning and to the end, it’s just you and him. Nobody else. I won’t answer for your MF ass and you won’t for me. So how about we ALL mind our own business and just effin respect each other as people and from the actions we make. BAM! problem solved….not. You know nobody will listen to me, so why would they start now.






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