Day: Movies are my Happy Place

So I thought I would write something to lighten up the mood. What better topic than MOVIES! and you know I will give you my honest opinion in how I feel about movies. I truly love movies, all kinds of movies. They help you escape for a moment in your crappy life. Now don’t get me wrong there have been really bad movies made throughout the years, but for reason or another I rarely stop watching the bad movie. I have to finish it to the end. I guess that is just the OCD in me.

Movies can be amazing stories coming to life before our eyes. They shock us, make us laugh, and make us fall in love. This is one thing I can say that humans do that impress me and there are not too many things that humans do that impress me. I enjoy all kinds of movies, however if there is a genre of movies that I actually do not make an effort to watch and that is romance.

I do not like romance movies because they are stupid and influence people to think that-that is how love lives go about. That people “forgive and forget” and that they don’t bring up shit from the past. UGH! those movies are simply dumb.

Now, some people will say “Uh so what about sci-fi or action or even scary movies, are those like real life?” First of all, you go in knowing that half that shit is made up and for the most part we just like it for the story, however some men and women seem to take what happen in romance movies and incorporate it in their lives. They have these unbelievable standards that they “think” they should have and become upset, lonely, and depressed and wonder why their love life is failing. People don’t understand love is custom. It is something that is truly unique to each couple and the second you let people influence your relationship…well, you done f#$ked up and it will be downhill from there if you don’t stop it.

So movies are the best. Except romance, they are a load of Bull.




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