Day: I am tired…like for real. 

Midnight rant I guess.

Why is the world all in a mess, well people, we let it. Right now with what’s going on, I would say it’s our fault. We could stop doing what’s easy and do the right thing. But let’s be honest, you won’t. You didn’t before so why now? 

So cry all you want, but I’m tried of people who took no action, made no effort and are complain now with what is going on. Denie all you want but because you have done nothing, evil prevailed. Make excuses, justify it, I don’t care. It won’t change the fact that this mess is our fault. 

Now for you optimist out there, do we have a chance to fix it? Maybe…will change happen? I say “eh” I don’t know people are stupid…some more then others, but who knows. I could be wrong, God knows I am wrong often. Like me and many others, I just want peace. Why can’t we all just get along? 

Shit, I’m not asking you to hold hands and sing. But just to freakin respect each other and, you know, be nice. Oh well…


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