Day: Life is Funny…NOT

Good Day good people, so here we are again going through life the best we can, right? So, why is it that some days our best is not good enough or that not matter what we do, we are F%$ked? And when things finally worked themselves out, people would say “Life is Funny like that.”uh….NO! Life is a b$%th and it worked out cause we made it work out for us.

Life is not funny at all. Life is mean, cruel, and vindictive. You know what life is…a crazy EX who is still “IN LOVE” with you. Who won’t let you move on and ruin whatever chances you got for a future relationship. Now, there is a silver lining to this mess we call life and that is our friends. The people we get to pick to be in our life. People who may have similar views or hobbies as you do. Then we have our Best Friend who we trust with our lives. Who know us-know us and every secret we may have, they know.

Now, some of you may say “Wait! we have family to help us. To be there for us.” Let me ask you this, would they be there for us, for you, if they weren’t family? Be honest now, would they really? Maybe one or two who may feel more like a friend than a relative, but there you go again using the word “friend”. You see, friends have no obligation to you, not like family, so when they are there to help you, to guide you,  to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. They are the best. So, maybe life is funny like that, funny in a sense that the people who are obligated by blood are crap and yet people who have no connection to us are what make life, livable.




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