Day: Up late thinking of Fantasies

   So it is super late and all I can think of is alternate universes. I wonder how my other lives can be. Am I French? Am I a molecular scientist? One if my best thoughts are of being immortal. I don’t know what it is about living forever but I would like to see our world two or three hundred years from now.

Is the movie Idiocracy becoming a prediction for human kind? Or do we finally snuff out ignorance, racism, and hatred?

Eh…who knows about what the hell is going on. Some days it seems like the world is getting their shit together and then the very next freakin moment Armageddon. It also seems like everyone has their own opinion in just about everything, it doesn’t matter how informed you are just because people in general are follwers and don’t bother to really get the facts before forming an opinion. They blab on without a thought in their minds or blab without thinking about the consequences of words.

Anyway, it may seems preachy but hey I don’t care because this is my blog and like an entitled American I will speak my mind and be a hypocrite.

So, how do I go from parallel universe to preaching about ignorant people? Who knows, shit happens. But I bet that no matter what universe we are in people suck and are stupid.



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